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Solu-Cal and Partners Help Build NYC Green Oasis
Non-profit Project EverGreen and landscape professionals, suppliers, local businesses, and residents teamed up in June to support gardeners making New York City’s Clinton Community Garden a green oasis amid a concrete jungle. Read Full Story>>>

How to Build Summer Hardiness for Turf
Summer heat and drought place excess stress on turf. Supporting turf through the summer season and maintaining healthy soil begins with available Calcium and efficient pH management. Read Full Story>>>

Green Industry Veteran Murray Wingate Joins Solu-Cal USA
January 22, 2018 | Murray Wingate has joined Solu-Cal USA as a Senior Territory Manager for the line of Enhanced Calcium and Humic Acid soil amendments. Read Full Story>>>

When and How to Lime: buy less and get faster results
A quick understanding of the basics of pH, how to test your soil and when and how to apply lime are all you need to get started. Read Full Story>>>

Solu-Cal USA supports memorial on Ellis Island
Solu-Cal USA donated 8 tons of Solu-Cal S Enhanced Gypsum through Project EverGreen to a 9/11 memorial on Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty Enhancement Project. Read Full Story>>>

Did You Know

If you have pH problems, you can apply lime or gypsum, depending on where the problem lies. Then just sit back and wait. And wait. And wait. If you're a bit impatient for all that, apply Solu-Cal or Solu-Cal S.